Letter from Ruben D. Feliz                    March 1, 2004

As a child I dreamed, in Dominican Republic, that one day I would own a business. It sounded a little crazy to everybody because we were so poor, and I was sick with a chronic heart disease. They couldn’t imagine it could happen to me, but one day something good happen, in 1992 I was selected by a charity institution to come to United State to get an open heart surgery, right there my life changed. My desire to live was growing strong inside of me; also I wanted to take care my family after after I  recuperated from that operation. Right there I decided to start my new life down here, and my cousin offered me a place to stay, a job to start, and well that was my beginning in this field, in 1994 he decided to leave this country and I was in charge of that small shop Sundance Tire, nothing stopped me I was doing what I liked, helping and serving people with their car needs, in 1996 we split out, I went to work with a big Tire Company, I lasted only three weeks I wanted to do something for myself, that was when I decided to open my own store, that was back in May 17,1996.

I opened a shop at a rented location on 1290 South 17-92 Longwood, Florida, The First Rubens Tires Services, it was amazing, how the people were so pleased with my services, then a funny thing happened I ended up being the owner, secretary, tire tech, dispatcher, watchman, and also because I lived in that place to help me to save money, until I had enough money to buy in 1999 I bought a lot on 930 North 17-92, Longwood, Florida, where I’ve been serving all central Florida, ever since, every time we keep getting bigger and bigger. On September 28 2003 I got my second store in 2286 Fairbanks Av.

Winter Park, Fl, 32789, which my brother Milton Feliz is running, that way I am keeping it as a family business.